Warm serving buffet TREND LTV T 5GN

  • warm serving buffet is intended for short-term storage of foodstuffs at +30°C to +95°C
  • „Drop-In warm“ plate can be mounted on tabletop
  • manually adjusted operating temperature
  • upper shelf with lighting, clear glass splash guard
  • warm plate fits GN 1/1 (5 pcs)
  • buffet is on wheels, allowing easier transport (2pcs lockable wheels)
  • neutral cupboard at the lower part of the buffet
  • illustrative image shows buffet with UTP G upper shelve
  • Accessories available on order:
    • various upper shelves (see the product group of upper and hand out shelves)

Technical drawing, PDF-file

Technical information

Product code: TREND LTV T 5GN
Dimensions, mm (w*d*h): 2005*970*1363
Drop In soetasapind (laius*sügavus*kõrgus): 1775*595*300
Operating temperature: +30…+95
Degree of protection: IP44
Capacity (kW): 0,25
Frequency (Hz): 50
Voltage (V): 220 - 230